Learning is a natural part of this environment.


Early Childhood learning

A carefully prepared classroom environment provides opportunities for children to actively learn in a multi-aged community. The program recognizes the importance of the first six years of life and children's self-motivation. Individualized instruction through exposure to a variety of stimulating, multi-sensory teaching materials include activities in practical life, sensory development, language, math, art, science, physical and cultural geography, physical education, music and Spanish. The Montessori Academy Nevis acknowledges that each child is unique, and that children develop at their own rate. Children are encouraged and challenged.

When you enter the school, each student you meet looks you in the eye and wishes you good morning, and you can tell they actually mean it. This school is nurtures their confidence and independence, in a way that is wholly unique for each child.
— Parent

The whole child

The early childhood program is designed to promote a love of knowledge, a high level of personal independence, a lasting sense of self worth and academic competence. Each student is encouraged to work at his or her individual potential and to develop, both academically and socially, to the best of his or her own ability. The teacher supports children as they learn how to sustain focused and concentrated attention, think clearly and constructively, resolve conflicts peacefully, and express themselves through language and arts. The supportive peer group setting allows for social growth. A relaxed atmosphere is combined with a sense of order and understanding. Learning is a natural part of this environment.