The wide life of school expands as far as our students want to carry it. 


Offerings have included:

Early Childhood Contemporary Dance: This class introduces elements of several contemporary dance styles including classical ballet, lyrical dance, and modern dance. It encourages spatial awareness and joy in movement.

Elementary Contemporary Dance: This class focuses on the style and technique behind classical ballet, modern dance, and lyrical dance. It includes study of the cultural and historical movements that have influenced these art styles.

Elementary Art: Students learn different drawing techniques ad processes, enhancing the work they do in class. Students explore various art movements and work in the style of those movements including pen drawings, expressive painting styles, and colour work. 

Early Childhood Tap and Jazz: This class is an upbeat introduction to the rhythm and timing of tap dancing and the fun and expressive dance vocabulary of jazz.

Upper Elementary Creative Writing: This seminar style class will be individually tailored to each student enrolled. While various approaches will be explored collectively, each student will have personal coaching to find their unique voice as an author.

When you enter the school, each student you meet looks you in the eye and wishes you good morning, and you can tell they actually mean it. This school is nurtures their confidence and independence, in a way that is wholly unique for each child.
— Danielle, Montessori Parent